I began coaching in 2012, initially with groups of student athletes and active adults. Group training turned into personal training, with the population becoming much more diverse. I have worked with students as young as elementary school to adults suffering from chronic mobility disorders & diseases.

I obtained my USA-W certification in Olympic Lifting for Sports Performance followed by becoming a Certified Functional Strength Coach through Mike Boyle. I have also studied Postural Respiration through the Postural Restoration Institute and is certified to administer the Functional Movement Screen (FMS level 1).

I studied SuperSlow weight training under Ann Marie Sheridan at Cutting Edge Fitness where I worked for 2 years. I continue to practice SuperSlow methodology with a number of clients.

In June of 2016 I left group training to focus on personal and semi-private training. Still working with student athletes, former athletes, many “never” athletes, I continue to work with adults who have mobility limitations.

Experienced in a number of areas, I focuses on functional movement patterns to improve mobility, stability and overall fitness.

As a twelve-time marathon finisher, I understand intense training cycles. As an athlete overcoming chronic and acute injuries, I understand balancing maintenance and progress. My goal is to understand your body, mind, and goals.


Strength & Conditioning / Personal Training