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6 Tools for Recovery

+ simple do’s and don’ts for you TL;DR folx… I’m here for everyone. I don’t always preach, but when I do it’s from my soap box with a megaphone (AKA all caps.) Let’s break it down. You’re here because you are super sore, crazy tired, or INJURED. Or you’re training for an endurance event (hello. […]

Do what you love (cliché and idk)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DO WHAT YOU ENJOY. Exercise IS NOT supposed to be a suffer-fest. Exercise DOES NOT have to be a suffer-fest*. *some people (myself included) actually ENJOY the suffer-fest (childhood trauma?? Idk) but that doesn’t mean EVERYONE needs to suffer when they exercise. Movement should be ENJOYABLE. […]

All Purpose Cleaning Solution.

All Purpose Cleaning Solution. About 5 years ago I started paying more attention to what went into my body. Not just food, but also chemicals found in body care products and cleaning products. I tried to consume less paper and make what I could at home, with ingredients I could pronounce. I’ll save my body […]


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