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6 Tools for Recovery

+ simple do’s and don’ts for you TL;DR folx… I’m here for everyone. I don’t always preach, but when I do it’s from my soap box with a megaphone (AKA all caps.) Let’s break it down. You’re here because you are super sore, crazy tired, or INJURED. Or you’re training for an endurance event (hello. […]

Lakefront 50 Mile: race recap

Let me start by saying that the JFK50 that we (Shonda and I) completed last year was 1000x harder and also more interesting. If you haven’t read that recap, you should. And maybe just stop there, because this recap won’t be nearly as entertaining. LOL. Rewind to 3 weeks before this race: Shonda and I […]

Do what you love (cliché and idk)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DO WHAT YOU ENJOY. Exercise IS NOT supposed to be a suffer-fest. Exercise DOES NOT have to be a suffer-fest*. *some people (myself included) actually ENJOY the suffer-fest (childhood trauma?? Idk) but that doesn’t mean EVERYONE needs to suffer when they exercise. Movement should be ENJOYABLE. […]

JFK 50 Mile

Shonda and I talked about signing up for this race, the JFK 50 Mile, last year after we had an awesome race at the 2019 Chicago Marathon. For a few reasons we didn’t, but Shonda did sign up for a different 50 mile race in May of this year. It ended up being canceled due […]


I went for a run today. I had positive splits… I started fast and got slow and tried to end fast. It wasn’t a “perfect” run by any coaching standards (especially my own!!) but I decided mid-run not to beat myself up about it. And I really got to thinking about giving myself a break. […]


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